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Kind of Hands and their description

This would really help you a lot WHEN EACH AND EVERY HAND OF YOURS IS GETTING FAILED.this would classify your acts accordingly depending upon the common situations:

Playing a weak and when it is a failure situation.

If you have the below situations:

•    No pairs to play

•    No draw

This means your action plan should be the following steps:

•    Don't bet or raise

•    Don't  go for more bets

•    Don't go for artficial plays

•    If you don't see turn card for free then fold

If your case is of a weak hand which doesn't have any potential, then there should be no cause for you to play with the same hand. You may try to bluff around thinking to be lucky enough but the consequences can be opposite of what you could have expected. This would not be a good trick to play as you can lose money if the opponent has strong hands.

See its very simple to understand that winning every time is not at all possible, and if you get proud of doing so then you can lose big money. You should always keep in mind to save money so that you can use it to play bigger hands later.

Knowing which hand will win in any given scenario really helps. There’s a website to online poker that’s created a calculator for just this sort of thing. You can find it by searching "Which hand wins" calculator in Google.


As the name suggests. Mediocre hands. However, it is not very simple to play it, especially if you play women poker. They are tougher than usual hand because with the bad hands at least you are assured that they cannot be strong enough to beat you but with this kind of hand you are pretty confused about your game plan. If you face the below situations:

Lower level of ending

The first goes Middle pair, the second is     Low flush draw. Next one is Low straight draw and the last one is Top pair, weak kicker like Ace and four.

Higher level of  ending

The first is Top pair, good kicker like Ace with a King, the second is Strong flush draw. Next one is Strong straight draw, then goes Bottom two pair and the last one is Low three of a kind.

Hand strategy - Low-end mediocre

With these kinds of hands, you may slip and play some weak hands as if you’ve just entered in the gaming world. It's good if you manage to get some. If you get to know about  the free turn card in that situation it is marvelous. However, if it is not the case then be happy not to take any action.

To play with a good hand on flop

This means top two pair, a set (three of a kind while holding pocket pair), high three of a kind, and also straight, flush and if you are very lucky full house.

Fun is when you strike a heavy winning hand, and you can be complacent enough in thinking that now you have learnt the game. You should be looking for an opportunity to extract all the wealth of your opponent by indirectly forcing him to raise when you are having a strong hand.

It is a mistake to chase your opponent out of the game. However, many of the times you need to know that if your opponent is not ready to fill in the money on the flop then probably he will not do the same in the future as well.

The gist of the story is that you need to learn poker rules, take part in poker gambling and practice so you would be perfect and a winner always.

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