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How to earn profits while folding the hand

Using a lot of strong hands for profit in poker gambling

1.  Huge betting without thinking.

The most common mistake made by the most experienced players around the world irrespective whether it is men or women poker is that they bet in short intervals in opposition to any of the bets or a raise. If we analyze the situation then we will find that an overcall always calls for the loss of money.

It is because that the players don't understand the strength required to make a call. They are influenced by the pot's size and think that if they raise then are going to win lot. But in real terms the weight of the pot is much lesser as compared to the overall weight of the bet had it been no raise. The reason behind this is the cost of the call is almost twice and the cost of the pot is just a bet more than it was earlier which means that if there is a big pot, then only half of its portion is beneficial but you need to make sure that your hand is strong enough to win it. Your opponent would be probably calculating the bettor for making a strong hand strong hand but still he would be raising which shows that your not so special hand needs extra strength.

      Many of the clever players tend to keep themselves low & don't raise until they think that the opponent might be bluffing with him. They would play their game quietly & would seek an opportunity to raise and win when they feel that they strong hands.

2.      Over- carded situation.

The second common mistake made by the world players is they habitually want to cover any large pairs flop comprises of two diverse level.

This turns out to be mistake made by players who think that they take right decisions. If you've got Jack spade with Jack diamond in the pocket and board has Ace hearts Queen clubs 4 spade, you must make a lay down against a bet. There would be some situations where you may think to make a call or raise.     

3.      Be wary of garbage.

If we talk about the seven-card stud, you should always go for strong hands when your opponent is rising out of the blue with a garbage board. The poker rules say that all these opponents would not bluff because they don't show any strong hands.

4.      Image matters    

In any game of the world what matters is the image of the player. For example if Sachin Tendulkar comes to bat then it is sure that the opponents' captain would set a defensive field for him. Same goes for this game as well; if the opponent has an attacking image of yours then he would surely play low and would definitely think twice before raising or bluffing. So, if you think you have this kind of image then you should be rest assured that if your opponent is raising then it is for sure that he has got a strong hand than yours.   

5.      May be you should call

At times you need to do a lot of calling when a strong hand is with you and it is profitable as well because you should not let your opponent feel that you make many lay downs. This would unnecessarily invite your opponents to bluff which can be a mistake again.

6. Fold big hands

Try to fold big hands so that the chances of bluffing by opponents get reduced.  If you fold big, the opponents will think that you got strong hands and they will avoid bluffing. However, avoid folding with all your strength as the opponents can sense your intention to lay down strong hands and may start bluffing unexpectedly in future.

7. Avoid showing a good laydown

If you got a good laydown, don’t ever think of showing it. It can also urge the opponents to bluff unexpectedly.

8. When to fold

Non-bluffers who bet and non-bettors who rise are 2 player types that can earn profit by laying down against your medium hands, when you would like to call.

Folding is the right options while playing the non bluffers as usual calls that are hardly gainful make a big profit by grasping bluffs. When possible bluffs are not present, you must posses a stronger hand to defend a call. Those players who got marginal strong hands, they are unwilling to bet and also unwilling to raise.  Therefore, you need to fold, in case you got a hand that is marginal raise-calling against those players.

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