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Never underestimate the commuting factors


Commuting factor plays a crucial part in poker and poker rules. When you are playing the game the total time, effort, approach and the distance one player covers to get in to the game. Most of the time we overlook the commuting factor but it helps a lot to understand your opponents, their abilities and inabilities. Now we are going to discuss a few facts about commuting factors.

Commuting factors and its details:

Commuting includes distance, time and the effort that takes to get into the game.

•    If you see that the person sitting next to you has just came from a long journey then how might the journey affect his game?

•    The person playing next you has just return from his hotel after a relaxing nap. How might his approach towards the game change? Does it affect the poker table at all??

•    Can you guess whether the person playing next to you is just a casual tourist or a pro poker player? Is he having a good time playing poker? Can you utilize this information at your benefit? What specific features has women poker?

Now think about yourself. Are you feeling fresh and geared up to play the game? Commuting factors play a crucial part in poker gambling and you must take care of that.


Sub Categories of Poker players:

You can find three different types of poker players nowadays. They are:

1.    Local Players – There are some players who usually play for long time in one cardroom. The commuting time is minimal in this case.

2.    Irregular Players – You can find some players who do not play play on a daily basis. They play in different cardrooms and usually they come to play in the weekends. The time and energy commuting varies in these cases.

3.    Tourist players – These players come to play very rarely. They usually have high level of energy and time commuting.

How the Invisible Time Clock gives the locals an advantage:

There are some behavioral problems that can act as poker room distractions. Most of the players suffer from impatience as they think an invisible clock is controlling their behavior and they feel immense pressure while performing. It usually happens for the irregular players. The local players do not feel this pressure that much. They create a psychological pressure on them and think that become impatient.

If you notice a group of players bothered about the time and want to leave the game then you can try your luck there. Usually the people have great chance to win the bets in these cases. When you are playing you must think about the time. You must think about the poker strategies and look forward to win the game only. Usually the local players get advantages over the irregular and tourist players. The commute factors play big part in it.

If you think of playing in a remote playroom then you can surely win poker. Some player thinks about the places before they start playing poker as they think it can change the game. But if he has the skill he can surely win.

Now we are going to discuss about some of the advantages and disadvantages of different types of players.

For Local Players (Regulars):

Advantages --

•    They are familiar with the playing conditions.

•    As they play their frequently they have knowledge about their opponents.

•    They can play poker their anytime and knows the pulse of the game pretty well.

•    They do not suffer from commuting problem hence they can play the game in a coordinated way.

Disadvantages --

•    They become familiar with the players and feel awkward with the irregular players.

•    They also have a tendency to under estimate the irregular players.

Recommendations --

•    You need to observe a little to find out where you can get to play with some weak players for your own benefit.

•    Do not stick with any one playing style.

•    Try to take breaks in between.

For irregular and Tourist Players:

Advantages --

•    They do not suffer from any inhibition to start or stop the game anywhere in the middle.

•    They usually do not suffer from commute problems.

Disadvantages --

•    They are irregular and tat is why they usually suffer from lack of skill.

•    The local players sometimes take advantages if the tourist or irregular players having a bad time.

Recommendations --

•    You must visit and play in different card rooms to practice more.

•    While staying away from they must learn the game.  


You must expose yourself to different cardrooms, environment and style of playing.  It will help you to learn the game in a better way for sure.

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