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Rule To Play Poker Online

Modern time has brought us an amazing number of variations of the casino gambling games we love most. Besides new versions, you should also learn the rules of most traditional versions of the games we love - play slots game, internet blackjack casino game, roulette and online poker. We offer you to learn the basic poker rules of the most traditional variations.


3-Card Poker

As the rule to play poker states, 3-Card Poker consists of two games, they are Ante and Raise (Play) and PairPlus, that are played between gambler and banker. To win at the game the gambler has to create the three-card poker hand stronger than the dealer obtain. In Ante and Raise (Play) game the poker player simply wagers whether he or she will make the hand better than the dealer’s one, the object of the Pair Plus game is to get the pair or better. The poker player can post both these bets. The game action starts by the cards dealing. Both the gambler and dealer are given three cards each. The player checks the cards and make choice whether to continue the game or leave. If the player prefers to stay he or she is to bet the amount equal to Ante size, it means that the gambler Play. The cards are turned over and if the dealer holds Queen or better (which means that the dealer’s hand qualifies) the hands are compared and the winner is paid off according to the specific payoff table. If the dealer’s hand doesn’t qualify the poker player is paid out even money on the Ante and Play is returned to the poker player. In case of the Pair Plus bet the hands are not compared, the player just is paid out according to the special PairPlus table (before you try your skills in 3-Card Poker learn the rule to play poker at the casino you gamble at).

7-Card Stud Poker

7-Card Stud is played between from two to eight gamblers and has five betting rounds. According to the basic rule to play poker, first the players place Ante bet and receive three cards each, one of which is dealer face up. Two face-down cards are known as “hole” cards and the card dealt face up is the “door” card. Then the players who are in the game are dealt four cards, one after another followed by betting. At first three cards appear face up and the last one is face down. So, in total every gambler gets seven cards, however, he/she has to use only five of these cards to create his/her poker hand. In the showdown the cards are revealed and evaluated. The player with the strongest poker hand gets the pot.

Hold'em Poker

Texas Holdem poker is the most recognized card game offered in all poker rooms. It is played with the common 52 cards deck with 2-10 gamblers. The game has four betting rounds the first of which starts after the blinds are posted. The first gambler next to the dealer makes the small blind bet and the second one makes the big blind. As a rule the big blind size is equal to the min betting amount set by the basic rule to play poker and the small blind size is the half of the big blind. The gamblers are dealt two hidden cards that is followed by betting round. The five community cards appear on the boaed, firstly three of them (called the flop) appear and then other two cards one by one (turn and river) followed by betting each. While betting the poker players may choose betting options to bet, check, call, raise, and fold which depends on their desire and the other players’ choices. Each round is completed after all active players wagered the equal betting sum to the pot. Finally in the showdown the hands are revealed and the gambler’s hands are compared. The poker player can use any of the pocket cards and any of the community cards to create the five cards hand. The poker player that holds the highest poker hand gets the pot. When hands tie the pot is divided.

Omaha Poker

This is among the most widespread poker variants because of its resemblance to the Holdem. The rules of Omaha poker are quite simple and they differ from the Holdem rule to play poker only in several points. The most important difference is that in Omaha the poker players after the blind bets are made get four hole or pocket cards each. After that five community cards occur on the board followed by betting round each. In showdown all active gamblers reveal the cards. Unlike Texas Hold’em in Omaha the player is to use two of their hole or pocket cards and three community cards to create the poker hands. It is one more difference of Omaha rule to play poker. 

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