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Terms of Use

Prior to checking out the features and services available on this website, please ensure that online gaming and gambling online is legal in accordance to laws in the jurisdiction you currently live in. If it is illegal to gamble online as per laws in your jurisdiction, you are not eligible to use this website for the purpose of online gambling using real money or making use of the information provided on the website for any gambling purposes. The website is also not open to minors and people below approved age for gambling purposes in accordance to the laws of the user’s jurisdiction. Any misuse or misappropriation of the information provided on the site is forbidden and is illegal.

The information provided here is purely for informational purposes and we take no liability to the way in which this information is used for online gaming and gambling. Remember, poker is a game that involves gambling in which some people win while many others might lose money of any amounts.

While we take pains to conduct and perform extensive research for providing information and review about the various websites that are featured on our website, the information provided in the website may or might not be in accordance to your experiences while using the featured websites. You agree that we take no liability towards losses that you might have had using these featured websites.

Gambling may be an addiction to some people. Compulsive gamblers are prohibited from using this website. If you are by any chance or happen to know somebody to be a compulsive gambler, it is hereby advised to look up Gamblers Anonymous.

The information provided on this website and what is found on the forum listings, mailers and mailing list is purely for knowledge purposes only and should not be interpreted as advice for legal purposes. If you are looking for legal help, it is best you get in touch with a qualified attorney bearing the necessary qualifications to provide counsel as per laws governing the jurisdiction in which you reside.

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